Fighting poverty key factor in reducing gun violence

By Admin Wednesday October 22 2014 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:

Thanks for your editorial and insightful analysis of the root causes of the most recent youth shootings in the GTA. As founder of the Zero Gun Violence Movement, which now has a working collaboration with over 40 different community organizations, agencies and programs across the city, I totally support your demand that the city strengthen its resolve and commitment to fighting poverty that affects so many in our communities. Report after report, and analysis after analysis, all point to poverty as one of the main contributing factors to all forms of violence in the city.


We already have zero gun violence in the city, but only in certain communities and for certain people. Clearly, we know the characteristics and conditions that must exist, if we are truly committed to reducing gun violence, not for some…but for all.


It is time to move from the Band-Aid and reactionary and short-term solutions, to long-term investments in family supports and poverty reduction, along with quality education and employment for the most vulnerable. It is time to stop the cherry picking of who gets the funding, who gets the education and who gets the jobs because we all know who will get…and who will not.


Gun violence is a scourge and cancer that is ripping people’s lives and communities apart. We all pay a price if we continue to tolerate it in certain communities. We can do better and we must do better. Thanks for highlighting this issue in your editorial.


Louis March

Founder, Zero Gun Violence Movement

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