Elated and appalled

By Admin Wednesday July 13 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:
This weekend I was both elated and appalled.

My elation stemmed from Serena Williams winning her 22nd Grand Slam title at Wimbledon (tying with Steffi Graf). Then she combined with her older sister Venus to win the Women’s Doubles title. But I was appalled by the actions of the demented Black activist who killed five White policemen and wounded seven others before being killed by a bomb-carrying robot, activated by the Black Dallas police chief.
I can testify as to how some White police can be in dealing with Blacks. Years ago, I nearly lost my life in the Bronx, NY. Just as I was crossing Interval Blvd., to board a subway back to my aunt’s home in Harlem, I was ordered to stand still with my hands in the air, while a White policeman put his pistol to my temple. He said that I matched the description of the person who had held up a liquor store.

This was blatantly untrue, as that night, I had taken a young lady to Jack Dempsey’s Nightclub in midtown New York to see Louis Satchmo Armstrong.

Eventually I was able to persuade the policemen that I was not their man, and they let me go. But the episode was unpleasant and scary.

And it could have cost me my life.
Thomas F. Massiah

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