Dunstan Fontenelle
Dunstan Fontenelle

Dunstan Fontenelle ‘was dedicated to public service’

By Admin Wednesday September 17 2014 in News
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A former St. Lucia tourism representative and diplomat in Toronto has died.


Dunstan Fontenelle, who was the manager of the St. Lucia Tourist Board in the early 1980s prior to becoming consul general in 1986, passed away at his home in St. Lucia last week. He was 73.


His country’s top diplomat in Toronto for a decade, Fontenelle had been ailing from diabetes for several years.


He was the Mayor of Castries and an active trade union and Jaycees member before answering the call to serve his country in Canada.


“Dunstan was dedicated to public service,” said retired Ontario Court judge, Greg Regis. “As a Jaycees leader, he was at the forefront of the organization of the Carnival Queen shows and other community projects. He was very community-minded.”


A former St. Lucia senate vice-president, Fontenelle was the first Carnival Development Committee chairman and a two-time president of the St. Lucia Seamen, Waterfront and General Workers Union.


Prominent community activist, Mary Alcindor, visited Fontenelle last July.


“Fonty promised to continue his fight to control diabetes,” she said. “I am convinced that he’s adhering to his promise in spirit. Dunstan championed the campaign against diabetes and lectured on the importance of following a healthy diet that would reflect continuity and enhancement in an individual’s quality of life.”


Fontenelle is survived by his wife, Lucille, eight children and 13 grandchildren.



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