Dudley Laws Day to focus on ‘police carding’ of Black youth

By Admin Saturday April 28 2012 in News
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The Black Action Defense Committee will celebrate Dudley Laws Day 2012 on May 6.



The event, at Faith Open Door Ministries, 900-920 Caledonia Road, at 4:00 p.m., will be a celebration of the life of Dudley Laws, his activism and commitment to social and racial justice.



The keynote speech will be presented by community activist, Arnold Minors.



Following this, there will be a panel discussion regarding the state of race relations in Toronto and Canada. More specifically, panelists will address the issue of “carding” in which Black youth are stopped by police and their personal information recorded. Even when no arrest is made, the name and details of the individual is added to police records.



Dudley Laws, a strong voice for immigrant communities in both England and Toronto, co-founded the Black Action Defense Committee in 1988 as a response to consecutive police shootings of Black men in Toronto. He was also the Committee’s first chair and remained its executive director until the time of his death in March 2011.



Laws died at 76 years old due to complications of kidney disease.



“It has been a year since our elder passed and we miss him as deeply as ever,” said Hewitt Logue, chair of the Black Action Defense Committee. “The principles by which Brother Dudley lived are as relevant now as when he was physically with us. He was and is an inspiration to us all.”

For more information, contact the Black Action Defense Committee Inc. at 416-656-2232 or innercityconflict@bellnet.ca


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