Dr. Lloyd Logan
Dr. Lloyd Logan

Dr. Lloyd Logan ‘was the consummate gentleman’

By Admin Thursday August 08 2013 in News
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Reliability and punctuality were hallmarks of Dr. Lloyd Logan’s exemplary life.


When he did not return as promised with the salad and other condiments for Victoria Park Cricket Club’s Family Fun Day at L’Amoreaux Park in Scarborough in the summer of 2004, club members sensed something was wrong.


They were right.
Shortly after leaving the gym earlier that morning to make the purchases, Logan suffered a debilitating stroke that paralyzed his right side and nullified his ability to verbally communicate.


Exactly nine years to the day after the stroke, he passed away on July 18. He would have celebrated his 76th birthday on August 11.


Family members and friends celebrated Logan’s distinguished life at a memorial service recently at Highland Funeral Home in Markham.


“Over the nine years that my dad struggled with the effects of his stroke, he still remained the same calm, gentle and caring man he always was,” said daughter, Camille Logan, who is the Inclusive School & Community Services principal at the Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning in Richmond Hill. “His struggle taught us all that despite the challenges that life will bring, we must continue to carry on. With determination and perseverance, he learned to walk again and to function with one hand. Unable to talk, his only form of communication with us was through simple gestures. One can only imagine how frustrating it was for him to be aware of everything, yet unable to express his thoughts.”


Born in Portland, Jamaica, Logan attended the Jamaica Agricultural College before accepting a scholarship to study engineering at Technion Israel Institute of Technology. After graduating, he was granted a fellowship to complete his Master’s at the University of Guelph in 1968.


“We played cricket together at the university that year and the next season,” recalled veterinarian and former Cricket Canada president Dr. Geoff Edwards, who is married to Logan’s sister-in-law. Lloyd was laid back and there was never any fuss with him. He was the consummate gentleman and ultimate teammate.”


After completing his doctorate from the University of Waterloo, Logan worked as a manager with the Ministry of the Environment and was an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo prior to establishing a civil engineering consultancy firm after retiring from the provincial government.


Cricket was an integral part of Logan’s life.


As a longstanding member of Victoria Park Cricket Club, the middle-order batsman captained the third division team in the 1970s. He also played a few second division matches and served as the club’s vice-president and secretary.


“Lloyd’s favourite shot was the late cut and he would always tell anyone who would listen that only the late Sir Frank Worrell could play that stroke better than him,” said teammate, Desmond Gouveia. “He was a very good administrator and he would always step in to help young players with financial support.”


Donations to honour Logan’s memory could be made to the Project for the Advancement of Childhood Education (PACE). The proceeds will support Green’s Basic School in Portland.


PACE is the only organization of its kind outside Jamaica that embraces early childhood education. The program supports 326 schools from St. Mary in the north to Clarendon in the south and Portland in the east to Hanover in the west.


“My father was a brilliant mathematician and as a result of his giftedness and hard work, he received several scholarships,” said Camille Logan. “At a very young age, he knew that education was the key to greater opportunities. This is why our family felt it was appropriate to adopt a school through PACE’s program. My sister and I will continue to support the school going forward.”


In addition to daughters Camille and Amanda Logan-Ellis, Logan is survived by his wife of 45 years – Madge Logan – who is an educator and supporter of Evans Basic School in St. Andrew, Jamaica and five sisters.



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