Don’t blame us if Ford wins!

By Admin Wednesday October 22 2014 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:

Re: The mayoral campaign: a discomfiting reality-Patrick Hunter (Share Oct. 9).
As he so often does with sensitivity and clarity, Mr. Hunter reminds the community of its responsibility to itself on issues of race.
I am as alarmed at the thought of a Ford becoming mayor as most right thinking people are. I am almost as alarmed by what appears to be the widespread belief that the Fords have deep support within our community.


No one has produced any reliable evidence of this alleged support, which I am reasonably certain does not exist. What is more, it appears that the mainstream media, as they often do, are preparing to blame us, a group not large enough to be crucial to the election of any candidate, if in fact the Ford disaster befalls the city. We must not let it happen.
Thank You

Romain Pitt, Toronto.

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