Disturbed by Best removal from cabinet

By Admin Wednesday February 13 2013 in Opinion
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I have observed that the new Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has named a new cabinet which has increased from 17 to 22.


It is interesting to observe that she has included 10 back-benchers in the new cabinet. The changes are all MPPs who are retiring, with the lone exception of Margarett Best, a Jamaican and the only West Indian-born Minister in the last cabinet who, from all accounts is remaining in politics, but has been dropped from the new and larger cabinet.


I am in no position to advise the Premier how to select her cabinet, but as a West Indian and a Liberal Party supporter I feel slightly insulted that our only representative, a junior minister, was left out. I believe our support as a community is being taken for granted and we should do something about it in the very near future when the next election is called.


David Telfer




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