Delay to road permit parking changeover in Toronto

By Admin Wednesday April 02 2014 in News
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Residents who have on-street parking permits are being asked to delay parking their vehicles on the other side of the street until Tuesday, April 15.


Traditionally, on-street parking takes place on one side of the street for six months of the year and then switches to the other side of the street for the next six months. This change traditionally takes place on April 1. However, due to heavy snowfall and persistent cold temperatures this winter, there is an accumulation of ice between parked cars in many areas of the city. It may not be safe or practical to switch sides until the ice and snow has melted.


It is expected that roads will be clear by April 15, allowing the alternate side of the road parking rule to go into effect on that date.


Toronto Police Service will honour this delay and ticketing for parking on the wrong side will not begin until April 16 at 9 a.m. However, if vehicles are parked in a hazardous manner, creating obstructions or hampering the free flow of traffic, tickets will be issued and the vehicles could be towed.

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