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By Admin Thursday August 15 2013 in Caribana
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On behalf of CARIBANA™ Management Team and CARIBANA™ Arts Group, I express our appreciation and thanks for the tremendous and well-needed support you and Share continue to give to CARIBANA™.


In general, we thank you for your editorials and many articles that have cut through the propaganda being put forward by the parties that are now running the festival. Through these, you give a more balanced view of affairs, allow readers to see below the surface and make it difficult for the managers to claim that all is well.


Specifically, we thank you for this year’s extensive coverage of CARIBANA™ Flags and Colours, the Jane and Finch children’s carnival that we have held in conjunction with Yorkgate Mall. As you know, we had been having this event in the community since the year 2000, and had to step in last year when FMC decided to move it to Downsview Park. Your editorials and articles created awareness in the community and helped to generate the support we needed to continue at Jane and Finch.


In addition, one cannot deny that your presence at this year’s event gave our spirits an enormous boost. It also gave us encouragement to continue the artistic and cultural work we do through the Caribbean carnival arts in order to keep the CARIBANA™ tradition and name alive.


We will continue to do all we can to merit your and your paper’s valuable support.




Henry Gomez


GM/Artistic Director

Caribana Management Team


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