Dear Mr. Auguste:

By Admin Thursday May 28 2015 in Opinion
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Good day to you.
I have never written to a newspaper, but as a Black woman I feel compelled to do so now.


Thank you for keeping the carding issue alive…on the front page, right hand corner of Share.


I have two grandsons and many young male relatives and friends. I worry about the world they might inherit if this practice is not stopped.
I support your efforts and pray that your pen will always be there to educate and enlighten us.


As much as I look forward to reading your weekly columns, I wish that there were other front page topics. My greatest wish is that the need for you to write on this issue would be no more. But as long as it’s there, please continue to write. There will be no change until those who see this as a “useful and effective tool in policing” are carded.
I wish you all the best.
Take care. God’s Blessing.
Claudine Pilgrim.

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