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By Admin Wednesday March 04 2015 in Opinion
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As a member of the community, I value a Police Chief that is experienced, qualified and an overall active community member. Based on Arnold A. Auguste’s article on, I understand that Peter Sloly is a highly qualified, educated and experienced candidate for the job of Toronto Police Chief who has dedicated his life to ending racial profiling of people of colour and other minorities.


Racial profiling is a major issue that affects the way community members perceive the people around them. If we are promoting an equal society, we should also be supporting candidates who take a stand against racial profiling and discriminatory practices within the law.


The article stated: “He is known for his extensive civic role outside of policing, especially working with youth; (he has also had a leadership role with the service’s Youth in Policing Initiative- YIPI); he is a long-time supporter of various community/police initiatives; he has led police reforms on carding and racial profiling (led on the PACER report).”

Sloly has also been recognized by the United Nations and that shows his potential to address social issues on a global platform.


Peter Sloly’s qualifications should not be overlooked. Sloly is a good candidate and deserves a fair selection process.



Saparbibi Gafuri

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