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By Admin Wednesday March 04 2015 in Opinion
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I am writing in regards to the Toronto Police Service Chief selection process.


Share Newspaper published a great article on February 25, 2015 highlighting Peter Sloly’s extensive qualifications and experience which make him the best candidate as the next Chief of police. “(H)e is known for his extensive civic leadership role outside of policing, especially working with youth; (he has also had a leadership role with the service’s Youth In Policing Initiative-YIPI); he is a long-time supporter of various community/police initiatives”.


The article also describes Sloly’s substantial educational background with regards to the current social and policing issues.


In addition to his education Sloly “has led police reforms on carding and racial profiling (led on the PACER report); his contributions to the community have been recognized with a number of awards including the Harry Jerome and Bob Marley Awards and, internationally, he belongs to several police organizations and has spoken all over the world on numerous police issues.” Sloly’s determination to eradicate racial profiling is a way to address larger human rights issues that directly affect my community.
As a community member, my concern is with the selection process, and ensuring that no deserving candidate is purposefully excluded due to their passion for change. I am concerned with Mayor John Tory’s involvement in the selection process and I would like to ensure that he promotes a fair and open election.
The Toronto Police need an educated and experienced leader, known to the community, who is determined to protect our city’s members as opposed to criminalizing our youth and racial minorities.
And Tory’s involvement should be supportive of the most deserving candidate.

Chanice Dryden

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