Curacao political leader assassinated

By Admin Wednesday May 08 2013 in Caribbean
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WILLEMSTAD: Helmin Wiels, a popular Curacao politician and leader of the Dutch island’s largest political party, Pueblo Soberano, was shot dead on Sunday afternoon by two men who fired five shots at him, killing him instantly.


Wiels was known for his stand on the constitutional structure of the island and he was in favour of independence. He was a social worker and was the host of a radio show about current issues on the island.


Prime Minister Daniel Hodge expressed his sadness for the situation and said he condemns and repudiates this act.


“The Curacao government condemns the assassination act against the political leader, Helmin Wiels, which took place on Sunday, May 5, 2013, a few minutes before five,” said Hodge, accompanied by the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, during a press conference last Sunday evening. “We ask the people of Curacao to stay calm. The government will do its utmost to solve this case.”


During the press conference, Chief of Police Marlon Wernet, Senior Prosecutor Heiko de Jong, Ivar Asjes of Pueblo Soberano, and President of Parliament Mike Franco were also present. Some members of the Hodge Cabinet and also other Members of Parliament attended the press conference.


Wernet gave a short report on what exactly happened but emphasized that not all details are available yet.


The Public Prosecution’s Office began an investigation immediately. De Jong said that all legal resources will be used to solve the case and bring justice to those involved in the slaying.


Asjes, representative of the political party Pueblo Soberano, expressed condolences to Wiels’ family and asked all sympathizers to stay calm but alert.


Franco also expressed his sincere condolences to Wiels’ family.


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