Creating instant curb appeal this fall

By Admin Wednesday October 23 2013 in Family
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We have all heard you should not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to real estate, homebuyers often base their decision to pursue a home on the condition of its exterior.


“Homebuyers tend to use the exterior of a home and its yard as a gauge on what the inside looks like,” says Phil Dorner, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “Buyers will often do a ‘drive-by’ before deciding whether or not to bother scheduling a showing. First impressions are critical to capturing the attention of homebuyers and sending the message that the home has been well cared for, inside and out.”


To ensure your home stands out and gets noticed for the right reasons this fall, Dorner recommends homeowners take care of these simple steps before listing:

  • Cut: Make sure trees and bushes are neatly trimmed. Unruly branches can obscure your home’s features, make it look ill-kept, impede on sunlight entering the home, and may even cause damage to siding.
  • Clear: Remove leaves and sticks from gutters. Make sure the lawn is mowed, leaves are raked and weeds are removed.
  • Clean: Wash windows, pressure-wash dirty siding and decks, as well as sidewalks, roof and driveway.
  • Paint: If you can budget it, a fresh paint job does wonders. If you can’t afford to do the whole house, a fresh coat of paint will transform your front door and provide a more welcoming entrance.
  • Primp: Add a boost of colour to your garden with fall bloomers like mums and pansies.
  • Upgrade: Change out-dated locks and handles on your front door, replace rusty fixtures and add lighting to the front porch and yard.


“Preparing the exterior of the home is one of the most important things sellers can do to ready it for sale,” says Dorner. “With a little creativity and a lot of care, sellers can rest assured that their home looks its best without breaking the bank.”


Talk to your Realtor about what potential buyers in your area are looking for.


More information on selling your home is available at

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