Concerned about treatment of Black officer

By Admin Wednesday March 06 2013 in Opinion
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The Association of Black Law Enforcers (ABLE) is a community-based professional organization. We represent the interests of Black federal, provincial and municipal police officers and other peace officers responsible for the enforcement of federal and provincial statutes who have chosen to be members.


We were deeply disturbed to read an article in the Toronto Star this week about the treatment of P.C. Dameian Muirhead by his organization, the York Regional Police Service.


The incident that led to Police Services Act charges against P.C. Muirhead is not a rare experience for Black officers. Unfortunately, as officers, we have no choice but to accept the reality that the behaviour of some individuals we deal with will not always reflect the Canadian values of tolerance and respect. As police and peace officers we are required to maintain our professionalism when dealing with these individuals. P.C. Muirhead acted professionally notwithstanding the fact that he was the victim of racial slurs while executing his duties as a police officer and we fully support our member.


We are troubled by the investigative process that led to charges against P.C. Muirhead. At the same time we are now required to rely on an internal police service adjudicative process to be fair and resolve this matter in P.C. Muirhead’s favour. We will continue to closely monitor this matter and its outcome as it has significant implications for Black and racialized officers across the country.


Kenton Chance


ABLE Law Enforcement Services Officer


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