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By Admin Wednesday May 18 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:

Thank you for your article of May 11, 2016 entitled “Peel Police Setting Example by Banning Carding”. I would like to clarify two points.

  1. The new procedures replace the previous Street Checks. Peel Police Services Board is proud of our Service in leading the way with respect to implementing the new regulations, well ahead of the targets set by the Ministry. This revised process demonstrates the collaborative effort between the Peel Regional Police Services Board and the Police Service. Furthermore, it is our intent to adhere to the language and the spirit of the new Regulation.
  2. Peel Police Services Board is a strong advocate for young men and women of diverse cultures to apply to Peel Regional Police as a career choice. This is evident in my encouraging an individual that recently visited my home to consider a career with Peel Police. However, I was misquoted in the article as saying that he is now undergoing training to become an officer as well as his friends who are now undergoing the process to become officers. My message was that their names have been passed on to the police service for follow up, since the police service does the actual hiring, not the Board.

I would appreciate it if you can clarify the above two points to your readers please.

Thank you.

Amrik Singh Ahluwalia


Regional Municipality of Peel Police Services Board

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