CHRISSY- touches on an emotional subject

By Admin Wednesday November 14 2012 in Entertainment
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CHRISSY, a Barbadian produced movie about teenage bullying, is a moving production about a most topical subject. It shows the pressure which Chrissy has to undergo at home and at school. She rose to these challenges in a unique and focused way.


The movie brings back emotional memories of life in the village and particularly at school in Barbados. Many can identify with these situations.


At the universal level, CHRISSY touches on an emotional topic. Issues of teenage bullying have been making headlines in North America and the wider Caribbean and have reached a point where appeals are being made for these issues to be confronted and dealt with at the home, at the school and at the governmental level. In this respect CHRISSY has graphically articulated this issue. The movie has made its contribution in highlighting a societal problem.


It is left to parents, school administrators and governments to put solutions in place to eradicate or control this cancer.


This movie is highly recommended for the entire family, educators and social organizations.


By E. EVELYN GREAVES, Barbados High Commissioner to Canada. 

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