Celebrating Kwanzaa with the ACHA
Celebrating Kwanzaa with the ACHA

Celebrating Kwanzaa in Toronto

By Admin Wednesday December 18 2013 in News
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The African Canadian Heritage Association (ACHA) held its annual Community Kwanzaa celebration on Saturday, December 7 at the Warden Woods Community Centre with some 150 people in attendance.


The annual Kwanzaa celebration is a feature event of the ACHA program which has been teaching African and Caribbean history to children aged five to18 years in our community, since 1969.


Dr. Maulana Karenga, the founder of Kwanzaa, visited the ACHA program in the mid-1980s and spoke about the importance of recognizing and celebrating the best of what it means to be African.


The seven Kwanzaa principles, identified by Dr. Karenga, are featured in all ACHA activities and events as they aim to strengthen and reaffirm individual, family and community values. Kwanzaa is officially celebrated from Dec 26 to Jan 1 each year, however at ACHA it is celebrated throughout the full programming year.


The photos on this page show members of the community enjoying the Kwanzaa celebration.

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