Celebrating Black History
Celebrating Black History

Celebrating arts and music at B.M.E. Church

By Admin Wednesday March 30 2016 in News
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The B.M.E. Church was packed for the 5th Annual Eglinton-Lawrence Black History Month event, which celebrated arts and music. MPP Mike Colle and Councillor Josh Colle hosted the annual event last month in the spirit that city building begins with community building.

Guests were treated to live music by local artists such as the soulful Christian Bridges, the effervescent Jaydamann, and were honoured by The Ladies Dorcas League who sang traditional songs. King Cosmos and Devon Haughton wowed the crowd with their charged spoken word poetry and storytelling.

As with any good celebration there was good food: rice and peas, jerk chicken and ham hock soup all cooked by the sisters of B.M.E. Church. Local merchants also contributed beef patties, chicken wings, shawarma, coconut water, dessert and coffee.

“The community at Dufferin and Eglinton has a rich history of arts and music which makes this the perfect area to hold this informative, engaging, and important event,” said Colle.

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