Caribbean Airlines announces it will fire Jamaican pilots

By Admin Saturday April 28 2012 in Caribbean
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KINGSTON, Jamaica: Trinidad & Tobago-owned Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has announced that all positions of pilots represented by the Jamaican Airline Pilots’ Association (JALPA) will be made redundant next month.



According to reports, 64 of the 75 JALPA members are employed by CAL, which also operates Air Jamaica.



According to a statement from CAL, the Kingston-based pilots were advised of the decision last week by CAL representatives and those from the subsidiary, CARIBAL Limited, that their positions will be made redundant from May.



No further details were provided in the statement.



However, head of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, Senator Kavan Gayle, has described the intended move as an attempt at union busting to break up the JALPA as a trade union representing Jamaican pilots.



Reports quoted Gayle as accusing CAL of trying to make the pilots redundant and offer them new terms and conditions for which they have to attend interviews to determine who will be rehired.



JALPA has requested a meeting with CAL’s management to resolve the matter.


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