Carding policy must be stopped

By Admin Wednesday April 15 2015 in Opinion
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The following letter was sent to the Toronto Police Services Board and a copy sent to Share:

Racism, and in particular anti-Black racism, is part of our community`s psyche… A significant segment of our community holds overtly racist views.


A much larger segment subconsciously operates on the basis of racial stereotypes. Furthermore our institutions, including the criminal justice system, reflect and perpetuate those negative stereotypes. These elements combine to infect our society as a whole with the evil of racism. Blacks are among the primary victims of that evil.


The policeman on the street is the most powerful person in the entire criminal justice system. Don`t we have enough evidence of abuse of police power in this city, to recognize the incongruity of conferring more power on police by giving them the additional power that would make it easier for them to treat young Black men differently. The consequence of such action is so predictable that it is bizarre that you are even considering it.


I have lived in this city for over 60 years, for most of which I have been at the heart of the part of the community in which people of goodwill of all races have struggled for racial justice with some success.


It would be unconscionable, and indeed dangerous, to pursue this course. Saner heads must prevail, and this madness must stop before it is too late.


Hon. Romain Pitt

Retired Superior Court Judge


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