Carding must end!

By Admin Wednesday April 08 2015 in Opinion
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Dear Editor:

RE: Cops get the green light on carding (Share, April 2, 2015)

Thanks for publishing this very informative article which I sincerely hope will enlighten those in our community who are unaware of what carding is and how it operates. I would hope that other community newspapers would follow your lead and inform their markets likewise. In the interest of our children and grandchildren we must all be vigilant.

I attended the Special Public Meeting regarding the Community Engagements Policy (carding) at the Toronto Police Headquarters on Thursday, April 02. The meeting was well attended and I am happy to report of the 35 deputations and written deputations all were strongly opposed to the draft policy.

However, I was particularly impressed with the presentation of two young Black men namely Knia Singh representing Osgoode Society Against Institutional Injustice who spoke of a very moving personal experience with the police, and Anthony Morgan of the African Canadian Legal Clinic who linked carding to the historical experience of our ancestors during Jim Crow days.

We must vigorously oppose this policy. We know it has had an adverse impact on Black men and youth in our community. To allow the Police Services Board to tinker with it will entrench the discriminatory practice of two-tier policing.

It is an insult to our community to have Mayor John Tory, Chief Bill Blair and Chair of the Police Services Board Alok Mukherjee all see the revised document as a positive move forward. They must believe we are all fools asleep at the switch.

Carding must end. We cannot condone the unjust, discriminatory treatment of Black men, young or old. Not on our watch!

June Veecock

Markham, Ontario     

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