Michael Pepper, President and CEO, TICO and Margarett Best, Minister of Consumer Services
Michael Pepper, President and CEO, TICO and Margarett Best, Minister of Consumer Services

Best, TICO urge travellers to book with registered agents

By Admin Thursday February 09 2012 in News
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You have worked hard to prepare for your holiday and chances are you will spend considerable time and money booking that perfect vacation.



But would you be protected if something unexpected was to happen?



Ontario Minister of Consumer Services, Margarett Best, and the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), want consumers to know the steps they should take when booking a holiday to ensure their travel investment is protected.



Best was at Union Station earlier this week along with TICO representatives for a ‘TICO Awareness Day’ to let consumers know how Ontario protects their travel investment.



“We want smart consumers. Take the right steps to protect yourself. One important form of protection is to book travel deals with a travel agency registered with TICO,” said Best.



“Vacations should be treated in the same way as other significant personal investments,” added Michael Pepper, TICO’s President and CEO. “In Ontario there is a simple way to protect your travel purchase, and that is by booking with a TICO-registered travel agency.”



Pepper said that when travellers book with an Ontario-registered travel agency, they will be protected in the unfortunate event that they do not receive the travel services they pay for due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of a registered travel retailer, wholesaler, an airline or a cruise line.



TICO advises consumers to take the following steps when purchasing travel:



  1. Always book with a TICO-registered travel agency.


  1. Check for the TICO logo and registration number displayed by the travel agency both when dealing in person and online.



  1. Always get a receipt for travel services purchased. If consumers need to make a claim against the Travel Compensation Fund, proof of purchase will be required.


  1. When booking travel online, make sure the online travel company is registered with TICO. Before you confirm your online booking, make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions of your booking and always keep a paper copy of the travel purchase.



Part of ‘TICO Awareness Day’ at Union Station included the handing out of information brochures and reusable enviro-bags. The Travel Industry Council of Ontario created the event to remind Ontarians to protect their travel investment by booking with a TICO-registered travel agency.



“TICO is all about consumer protection and education,” said Pepper. “Look before you book and check to make sure your travel agency is registered with TICO.”



And, courtesy of TICO, consumers can enter a “Win A Dream Trip” contest worth $5,000 to the winner. Contest entries can be made online at www.tico.ca until February 29, 2012.



Helpful travel tips and information can be also found at www.tico.ca.

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