Barbados confirms four cases and one death from H1N1 influenza

By Admin Wednesday October 02 2013 in Caribbean
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BRIDGETOWN: Barbados has confirmed four cases of influenza A H1N1, including one death.


A statement from the Ministry of Health said that results from the 10 samples sent to the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) last week had confirmed the cases. It said the other six samples were negative for the H1N1 virus.


Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand, said Barbados has an adequate supply of Tamiflu which is recommended for persons in high risk groups and those who need hospitalization.


In addition, the Ministry of Health is expecting a shipment of the seasonal influenza vaccine which contains the H1N1 virus. It will be offered to workers in the public sector and persons in high risk groups.


Dr. Ferdinand said most persons who suffer from influenza will experience only mild illness and will recover in three to five days without the need for medical attention. She said the Ministry of Health would be intensifying its public awareness efforts through various media as a way of educating the public about Influenza A H1N1.


Influenza A H1N1 is caused by a virus that was first brought to the attention of the global community in 2009. The Caribbean Public Health Agency recently reported that the H1N1 virus is the most commonly identified influenza virus circulating in the Caribbean region.

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