Artist celebrates BHM with LEGACY posters

By Admin Wednesday February 06 2013 in Entertainment
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When 43-year-old African-Canadian artist Robert Small was growing up, he was inspired by activists such as Dudley Laws and disempowered by the way slavery was depicted in history books.


The self-taught artist, who visually brings to life the history of African-Canadians, has released the 19th edition of his annual poster for Black History Month, titled “LEGACY.” This year’s poster focuses on activism: protesting police brutality, advocating for people stricken with HIV and recognizing individuals who push for equality within academic settings. Sherona Hall, Dudley Laws, Nalda Callender, Burnley “Rocky” Jones and Afua Cooper are profiled on the poster.


“The courage demonstrated by these individuals is definitely needed more than ever to continue elevating our communities to the next level and serves to inspire the next generation by showing during this important month that activism can bring positive change,” said Small, a graduate of the University of Windsor with a degree in sociology and a certificate in criminology.


In recognition of the United Nations’ declaration of 2013-2023 being the Decade for People of African Descent, Small has released a new poster in conjunction with his regular poster, entitled “LEGACY: Year One.” For each year of the next decade, Small will release a poster that focuses on issues and events that affect Africans worldwide.


“LEGACY: Year One” focuses on the slave revolts that plagued the institution of slavery.


“In school, they always made it seemed like the slaves came to North America with little resistance,” said Small. “As a descendant of those slaves, I’m glad to help change the narrative on their experience to one of resistance and courage.”


For more information, visit or call (416) 265-6428.


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