Sarah Terrill
Sarah Terrill

Art helped mother escape humdrum of life

By Admin Wednesday January 29 2014 in Entertainment
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Art, sometimes, can be therapy for emotional hurt and pain.


Sarah Terrill could attest to that after facing marital and other personal challenges just over a decade ago. In 2004, she re-discovered art and used it to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life.


“I started experimenting again as an artist and found it soothing, refreshing and therapeutic,” said the mother of two who has a full-time job in the private sector. “I did it for a few years and found that I had really developed a passion for painting. When a girlfriend came to my basement and saw my work, she told me it was worth showing off. That gave me the confidence I needed to bring my art into the public forum because painting was then just a hobby for me.”


Terrill staged her first solo show for family and friends in 2009 and a year later showcased 35 pieces at the Mirage Grill & Lounge.


“I sold about 85 per cent of them and that really boosted my confidence,” recalled the Overlea Secondary School graduate who migrated from Guyana with her grandparents at age six in 1971.


The self-taught abstract artist is preparing to participate in the Art Expo Galleria that showcases 60 talented artists, painters and sculptors.


“This is a platform for me to display two of my pieces to a diverse and wide audience without having to think about gallery costs,” she said.


Terrill, who recently started implementing colour into her art, says one of her presentations will feature sand while the other will have a “waterfall effect”.


“The sand technique is very popular and sells really well and I have received positive feedback from some of my work that incorporates a waterfall effect,” she said.

The Art Galleria Expo will be held on February 21, starting at 6 p.m. at The Tattoo Rock Parlour. For more information on the event, visit


After next month’s show, Terrill plans to spend more time developing a stationery business with her art work.

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