Are Black People not Canadians too?

By Admin Wednesday July 13 2016 in Letters
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Dear Editor:

It is with great pride that many immigrants become citizens of this great land of Canada. The recent Canada Day saw many gatherings where people were sworn in as Canadians pledging allegiance to the Queen and to faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill their duties as Canadian citizens.

I recently decided to use the document, Discover Canada, the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship to teach a newly-arrived immigrant about Canada. This is the document that is used by those applying for citizenship to learn about Canada. I decided to start at the chapter, Who we are (pages 10-13), which outlined who we are as Canadians.

I could not believe my eyes when I read what was written there.

NOWHERE in that chapter was anything written to show that people of African heritage (Black Americans, Black Nova Scotians, West Indians, Africans and others of the diaspora) are a part of the diverse group of people called Canadians.

There was mention of all groups – Aboriginal Peoples, French, British (English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish), other Europeans (Germans, Dutch, Italians, Scandinavian, Ukrainian) and immigrants from Asian countries.

People of African heritage have contributed greatly to this country called Canada and to be excluded from such an important document which is used to educate new Canadians about their adopted homeland is totally unacceptable.


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