Wassup in Hollyhood

Cannabis (marijuana) legalization activist Ed Forchion, AKA NJ (New Jersey) Weed Man is hosting his Hollywood Hills Hemp Mansion party titled “The Lavish Libra Edition.” This will coincide with the upcoming Cypress Hill Smoke Out Festival, which is the hip-hop community’s celebration of all things marijuana with a two day music fair and expo, featuring marijuana cult figures Cheech and Chong with performances by rappers Redman and Method Man.
NJ Weed Man owns a legal medical marijuana shop on Hollywood Blvd in L.A. and has a cult following worldwide via a video series he tapes from his shop. See http://www.libertybelltemple.com/home.htm and Youtube.com.
My girl vocalist/keyboardist and Atlantic Records recording artist Laura Izibor put on a nice show at the Roxy in Hollywood last weekend as part of her headline national tour.
Be on the lookout for a dynamic, new 18-year-old female singer named Laura Johnson. She is the daughter of the Doobie Brothers’ lead singer Tom Johnson and this young lady has a powerful set of pipes with range. Look out Mariah and you heard about her first from me!
Author Sharon Rose Washington has a new book out titled “Pick a Positive Prayer.” Washington is the self-professed “Queen of Transformation Power”. Her latest work teaches one how to connect and resonate with all aspects of nature while discovering the divine spirit within.
The CW aired the debut of its new drama “The Beautiful Life” last week. It chronicles the behind the scenes life of high-fashion models. The show is pretty real with the hating, backstabbing, sexual exploitation and politicking that go on in this world that appears to be glamorous from the outside but is treacherous on the inside. This show has all the drama, style, sexy model eye candy (both male and female) to be a smash hit! The show airs on Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST.
Bright Star; Apparition, Pathé Productions, BBC Films, Screen Australia, UK Film Council, New South Wales Film and Television Office and Jan Chapman Productions.
Starring Abbie Cornish, Ben Whishaw, Paul Schneider and Kerry Fox. Written and Directed by Jane Campion. Produced by Jan Chapman and Caroline Hewitt.
This is a period piece based on the real-life love affair between English poet John Keats (Whishaw) and his young neighbour, Fanny Brawne (Cornish), during the early 1800s in England.
Keats is down on his luck with none of his works selling when he runs across Brawne at a party. She is a fashion designer and, after a rough start, the two eventually fall head over heels in love. This is one of those films you may hear about come awards season.
The Blue Tooth Virgin; Regent Releasing and Here Films. Starring Austin Peck, Bryce Johnson, Tom Gilroy, Lauren Stamile, Amber Benson, Karen Black and Roma Maffia. Written, directed and produced by Russell Brown. Produced by Roni Deitz.
When you are a screenwriter, who can you go to for an honest critique of your work? Are you the type who can really face the truth or does your ego only allow you to accept lies?
When aspiring screenwriter Sam (Peck) asks his longtime friend David (Johnson), a magazine editor, to give his opinion of his latest script, all hell breaks loose when David tells the truth.
As a result, Sam begins to question whether or not he is even cut out to write. David is also an aspiring screenplay writer and they argue. Both men go through an exercise of evaluating their goals, motives and purpose in life as a result. This is a good film but it is better suited for late, late night TV viewing when you can’t sleep.
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