Susan Boyle and the importance of self-confidence

A few weeks after her stunning debut performance on the television show, “Britain’s Got Talent”, Susan Boyle has become an international celebrity. Her performance has been viewed around the world via the Internet and sparked a heated debate on the importance of physical appearance.

So much for the validity of the expression “Never judge a book by its cover”. Despite her talent, some critics still judge Boyle solely on her appearance, even ridiculing her recent makeover.

Physical appearance is important to an extent, but in a talent show, should looks take priority over talent? I am a fan of Boyle and hope her performances on Britain’s Got Talent leads to a lucrative career.

I don’t care about her appearance. The woman can flat out sing. In an era where computers are used to distort a person’s voice to present the illusion of singing ability, Boyle’s talent and lack of pretentiousness is a refreshing change from many top-selling artists.

The debate over Boyle’s appearance fascinates me. Looks should not be the most important quality in judging a person. Unfortunately, it plays a big factor, whether people admit it or not. Most of us have witnessed instances where people are treated favourably or unfavourably because of their looks. It’s not fair, but life is not fair.

We live in an age where certain celebrities with no particular talent are famous simply for…being famous. When a person who doesn’t look like a model achieves success in the entertainment industry because of their talent, it gives hope to many others that they can be successful too. People will always root for an underdog because they have to overcome many obstacles to achieve success.

Whether or not you are a fan of Susan Boyle’s singing ability, it’s hard not to admire her courage. Many people are nervous about speaking in front of large groups. Imagine going on a stage to sing and the audience is laughing at you. In less than one minute into her song, Boyle turned the jeers into cheers.

In the process, she taught an important lesson that can be applied to jobs, education, relationships and all aspects of life – if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you have a dream, work hard, work smart, and don’t let people discourage you from trying to fulfill it.

If you achieve your goal, the joy and pride you will feel is almost indescribable. If you don’t achieve what you set out to do, take comfort in knowing that you tried your best. Susan Boyle is 47 years old and has been singing for years. She could have easily given up and spent the rest of her life wondering “What if?”

But, she believed in herself and look at where her confidence has taken her.

I don’t know why her critics feel threatened by that. Perhaps they’re upset because she had the courage to follow her dream – something they could never do.

You can achieve anything you want if you are willing to work hard for it. Always follow your dreams.

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