S.A. plans to bid for 2014 Club World Cup soccer tournament


South Africa is going to make a bid for the 2014 Club World Cup soccer competition, says South Africa 2010 World Cup chief executive officer Danny Jordaan.

Speaking in the Democratic Republic of Congo after South Africa was awarded the right to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations competition, he said it’s important that Africa keeps on staging such global tournaments.

“We are going to continue to talk to the International Soccer Federation (FIFA) about it,” he said. “It’s important that these competitions come to Africa.”

Jordaan says plans are already at an advanced stage to present a bid to FIFA.

“We are between seriously considering it and taking a decision,” he said. “Of course, we cannot take that decision outside the context of further engagement with FIFA.”

Jordaan, who presided over the South Africa World Cup last year, withdrew his candidature for a position on the Confederation of African Soccer executive.

Africa’s soccer governing body will elect six new members at a general assembly in Khartoum on February 23. A total of 16 candidates are contesting the positions.

Jordaan declared he’s more interested in becoming a FIFA executive committee member.

“I would rather concentrate on the FIFA position and step back from the CAF position,” he said.

Jordaan said he’s optimistic that he would secure a FIFA executive committee position.

And, Morocco has won the right to stage the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations tournament. The Western Sahara country and South Africa were the only bidders for the competition after the Democratic Republic of Congo withdrew.

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