Tribute to Laws in Legislature

Statement on Dudley Laws by MPP Mike Colle at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Queen’s Park, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I rise today in the Provincial Legislature to pay tribute to Dudley Laws, who passed away last week. Dudley was a tireless, fearless and most unforgettable voice of equality for all Torontonians, no matter what their ethnic origin.

For 50 years, Dudley Laws fought for social justice, not only within the Black community but for all communities that needed help. Whether you were a domestic worker, in the prison system, a refugee or a new immigrant, Dudley was there. In fact, two weeks before he was taken seriously ill with kidney disease, he spent time in Joyceville prison celebrating Black History Month with some of the Black inmates.

Dudley was a proud son of Jamaica, a proud Canadian and a welder by trade, and always believed in getting young people to learn a trade so they would be able to do something with their lives and be productive.

Dudley was completely generous to a fault. He was an incredible advocate. He was a neighbour of mine for many years, a friend and, as I say, a constant, tireless advocate for those who needed help.

Dudley Laws is going to be missed by his family and friends. He was a great shining light in the most difficult and controversial of times, but Dudley was a fearless fighter for what he thought was right. Many people on Dufferin today will tell you, when you ask them about Dudley Laws: “Dudley Laws speaks for me.”

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