Is the Black community stupid?

Mr. Auguste:

A few months ago a gentleman wrote an article in the Share about “Caribana” and this was the first time it was mentioned that Caribana has brought in over $400 million in 2009.

For years it has been said by the media, like a stuck record, that Caribana brings in $300 million. Yet the committee has to “beg for funding”, whereas, Gay Pride, Santa Clause, The Rodeo (Alberta) and other groups in Toronto have funds allocated (budgeted to them) and handed to them with no delays.

What is it? Is it that the Black community stupid or are we back in slavery that we have to be controlled as if we are?

The two committees have to get together instead of being like crabs in a barrel pulling each other down. Become or be united and start from NOW, use the media to broadcast it, write, notify the world that there’ll be NO CARIBANA in 2011 – Boycott it until we have them begging us (we ting) to come back. Flex our muscles for a year or two. Gain some RESPECT, bring them to their knees.

Thirty-nine years of giving Canada our best. What have they done for our community? We’re the ONLY group amongst all festivities in Canada that is BLACK and of Caribbean cultures that brings in so much money and get back so little in return and have to beg for it with Slave Masters controlling us. We should have had at least a banquet hall (or) community centre to call our own “Caribana Hall”; scholarships for our young students pursuing higher learning.

Mr. Gomez will have to get together with the Mas’ Bands and try to come together with one agenda “to take Caribana back or dissolve it”.

“THERE’LL BE NO CARIBANA IN 2011 and possible 2012 unless:

1:  Treated with RESPECT by the governments;

2:  Proper FUNDING for Caribana and FULLTIME staffing for the first year and their own budget for the years to follow.

$5 million is a drop in a bucket from $400 million. (They should) have a building to show for their 39 to 40 years of existence.  We do not have a Caribana office or anything to say this is Caribana’s.

A concerned citizen.




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