‘Principled’ support

Thank you for your editorial support of the Africentric Alternative School (September 2, 2010). As we embark on Year 2 of our historic and ground-breaking journey, it is reassuring that we have friends such as Share in the African-Canadian community that continue in their principled support in helping future generations excel.

As stated in your editorial, we have endured many naysayers and doubters from the outset – both within and outside our community. However, the great abolitionist Fredrick Douglass reminds us that there can be “no progress without struggle”.  Far from being the “most controversial school in Canada” as labeled by the mainstream media, the Africentric Alternative School has made significant progress including doubling enrollment, added a Grade 6 component, and currently experiencing a waiting list of over 60 students. We are happy to say that in one year, we have been able to engage students and raise the bar on student achievement. This has been made possible only through hard work, focus, and by engaging a committed parents’ council and a selfless community of volunteers/supporters.

Like Share, we strive to educate our community about the long line of community stalwarts such as Keren Braithwaite and George Dei who have consistently advocated for a new pedagogy in education that will make learning more relevant to all students, and in the process produce the next generation of community members to carry the torch forward.


Thando Hyman-Aman, Principal

Africentric Alternative School

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