Why so many vehicles on parade route?

I so much agree with the comments on Caribana, “Is Caribana being run better now than before”.

I have been going to Caribana for at least 20 years and this year was the worst I have seen. Look, the Pride parade is better organized than this bunch of so called organizers.

Here is what I cannot understand. Why are there so many trucks, SUVs, cars and many other vehicles taking up space on the route? These vehicles serve no purpose being on the parade route.

O.K., so they carry water and food but why so many? Use golf carts.

Caribana needs a better management group to make sure that all bands are on time with a limited amount of minutes between bands otherwise, if this continues, next year attendance will go down.

I know I was disappointed this year and left at 4 p.m. only after about maybe six or eight bands had been on route.

Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting. And very disorganized.

Name withheld.



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