Congrats on 31 years of Share

Dear Mr. Auguste:

I would like to offer my hearty congratulation to you on the occasion of Share Newspaper having achieved this milestone of 31 years of dedicated media service to the Black and Caribbean community in Canada and North America.

Share has always been forthright and supportive of the dreams and aspirations of our community. It places a positive thrust on events and happenings within the Black community on which it continues to report.

I, personally, reflect on your support and contribution to an up and coming, little known group of people in Scarborough, who in 1980/81 banded together under the name of Tropicana Association of Scarborough in an attempt to help Black youths, mainly from the public and low-income housing projects.

The name of that little group is now Tropicana Community Services Organization of Scarborough. It became the first Black social service agency in Canada to have been accepted into full membership in United Way of Greater Toronto. It has been awarded numerous accolades for services. It is providing a range of vital social services to the diverse population in Toronto. It is affiliated to a number of the local colleges and universities providing training in culturally-focused initiatives to students in the human services, among many others.

Your paper contributed markedly by provided encouragement during the early crucial stage of development to this organization by reporting on events, activities and strategies   we initiated to keep young people out of trouble.

At that time, we had little resources in finances and manpower, but the few people who formed the core of the organization had a large heart and an immeasurable spirit of goodwill. They were true volunteers. Your paper helped us enormously with some solid, successful reporting. Those articles were driving forces to the growth and sustainability of the organization, which is now an institution in itself functioning well within the mainstream and gaining the respect of many.

As the president of that organization during those formative and crushingly trying years, I offer sincerest gratitude for your contribution to community building through many years of media service.


Derrick McLennon , Toronto

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