Appreciates support

Dear Editor:

The service that you provide and the contribution that you make to civil society is impossible to measure. I would not want to contemplate a Canada with Share Newspaper.

You play a critical role in analyzing and raising awareness of important issues, in serving as a conscience when people in positions of authority or influence seem to be falling short, in encouraging civic participation when our indifference could do us and others a great deal of harm, in recognizing the achievements and contributions of members of the community, and in spreading the word about worthwhile causes.

Thanks a million for all the support that you give to P.A.C.E. (Canada) by profiling the important work that we do in support of early childhood education. Coverage of (the recent) Adopt-A-School Brunch is the most recent example of your tremendous support. We are truly grateful.

On behalf of the little boys and girls in our adopted schools, we offer you our sincere appreciation.

Warm regards,

Mary Anne Chambers, President, P.A.C.E.


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