Voting Conservative a mistake

Dear Editor:

I am so happy to see this article in a magazine that reaches many new Canadians. The current Harper government rode a wave of conservative sentiment that largely came from the immigrant community. This is such a terrible mistake.

Conservative governments are sometimes the right choice and I’ve voted for them myself. But those conservatives of old who had long-term, balanced views and the interests of the people at heart are gone. They’ve been replaced by short-sighted ideologues who think governing is all about slogans. Their power comes from denial of reality, not from informed judgment. “Climate change is bogus.” “Social programs are bankrupting us.” “Corporations don’t make enough money.” And “criminals can’t be dealt with harshly enough”.

In reality, climate change is upon us. The only reason Canada is riding high in a sea of global recession is that we have better-regulated corporations and banks. Our social programs are a proud statement of our generosity and hopes for the future. And, the rates of violent and petty crimes have been falling steadily for decades. Probably thanks to those social programs.

Mr. Auguste is correct in this article. A vote for Hudak is a return to the horrible days of Mike Harris. Ontario lost so very much during those years. We’re still recovering and I do not want those years to ever return. Responsible government is neither Mr. Hudak’s intention nor his ability.

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