An election year gimmick?

Dear Editor:

Re: ‘Tropicana to receive $2 million in gov’t funding’ (Share, September 01, 2011).

I must confess that my first reaction was disgust: “Please, don’t insult me.”

As your piece mentioned, the Scarborough-based agency, Tropicana Community Services Organization (TCSO), initiated its call for a building fund in May, 2005. Apparently, we should be grateful to the Liberal Party of Ontario for taking six years to see the light – doing so in an election year, no less.

As Black Canadians – Canadians of the African Diaspora, be it from Latin America and the Caribbean or African-Canadians present in the country for generations – we seem stagnant, all too ready to accept that among partisan politicians we can find some advocate. The very idea is astounding. WE are our sole, and greatest, advocates.

Until we think long term, re-orient our approach, and recognize the deeper milieu, we will always be taken for a paltry $2 million – a pledge which, essentially, means nothing until TCSO has actually received the promised amount.

Caril Sebastian


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