The new name for Caribana ‘sucks’

Re: Remember Caribana’s roots – Share, June 2, 2011

First, I must say that I loved this article. It really ticks me off that Scotia and its fellow hustlers would have the nerve to take over Caribana, rename it, the whole nine.

People from the Caribbean have made such a large contribution to this country and this whole Scotiabank takeover is like a “box” (Yes, that’s right. Box!!) in the face.

I remember seeing Caribana organizers on TV looking a little nervous because they didn’t have much funds to work with. I remember thinking, “How come Caribana’s broke, when there are so many businesses that benefit?”

Where was Scotia?  Now, here they come rolling in, ready to claim Caribana after the majority of the work has already been done.

Now that people around the world are booking hotel rooms and planning vacations months in advance, I guess it’s worth the effort, right?

This is a hostile takeover at its finest, IT’S NOT A COLLABO’.  These Cheshire cats are beyond smug and I can just imagine them sitting around the meeting table with their calculator and notepad, brainstorming and jotting down crap. How typical.

They’re only willing to help if they can take over the entire thing.

I agree, Caribana is not a multicultural event.  It’s a CELEBRATION OF CARIBBEAN CULTURE to which we’re intelligent, civilized and UNSELFISH enough to share with other cultures in Toronto.

Caribana was perfect the way it was, name and all. All it needed was some money. It’s sickening and unfair.

And, by the way Scotia, the new name sucks.

Thanks for writing the article, it hit home.

P. Parsley

Toronto, ON

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