CAG will fight for ‘its property’

Dear Editor:

Thanks for the stand you’ve taken on CARIBANA. Share couldn’t have said it any better.

This fight is far from over, and CAG, the legitimate and legal owner of the CARIBANA Trademark and Festival, is encouraged by the support that your paper is generating.

The African Canadian Legal Clinic has stepped forward to assist the CAG in this fight for this extremely important symbol of our Black and Caribbean contribution to this city. Black Youth Taking Action (BYTA) has also joined us, and we are sure that other community-minded and just people will come on board as well.

The CAG has retained the services of the Iler Campbell law firm to continue our legal fight to stop FMC and the City of Toronto in their tracks as they try to appropriate this festival that our community created out of nothing.

Too many people have sacrificed too much of their money, time and other resources to let a few opportunists and culture vultures make off with a prize that has become so valuable to us. We are now exploring all our legal options to see what’s the best position for CAG to take on behalf of our community.

In the meantime your readers should consider this: If the FMC and the bank were so sure and proud that they were doing the right thing, why did they have to hide behind fortress walls to divvy up the spoils? The media launch for CARIBANA has always been in the open and accessible to our community. We’d like to see it remain that way.

We caution sponsors and participants to be careful about where they are putting their money because this fight is not over. The CAG will exercise the best legal option available to recover our property.

Henry Gomez, CAG Chair

Toronto, Ontario

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