Wilders should not have been allowed to enter Canada

Dear Mr. Auguste:

I am White, born in Toronto, and my wife is Jamaican and I am also of the Jewish Faith.

Being well acquainted with hatred, you are so very right that Mr. Wilders should not have been let into Canada to speak. Some are actually saying that he is so far off the wall that let him speak all he wants. The more he speaks, the bigger the jerk he looks like.

We have to look at what is going on in the world and it is truly frightening.

France has banned the “Burka” and has literally told Muslims in that country ‘If you do not like it go back from where you came’. Most are French citizens. The very frightening thing is Mr. Wilders never spoke in France.

This was the government’s idea.

As you know today, the Klu Klux Klan still exists, and Jew haters are still acting out their hatred all over the world. Far too many “Crazies” for me to feel really safe in this world.

Although Mr. Wilders is just the grain of sand on the beach, he is one of a great many who think like him, and giving him a stage to act out his play should NEVER happen.

My biggest fear for the future is being guilty by association, and governments have already acted in the past to that very ideal. Pearl Harbour is one great example, where all Japanese, whether citizens of the U.S. or not were sent to camps. Could it not happen again??? You bet it could – and even worse.

If the radical Muslims attack the U.S. again, all Muslims will suffer the consequences. Fair? Of course not!! Could it happen again like Pearl Harbour? Do not bet against such a scenario. That is what really frightens me.

Thanks for a good article.

Philip James


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