Horoscope for July 11 to 17, 2010


ARIES (March 21-April 19): Compromise on the 11th and 12th and you will win in the end. Your knowledge and open-mindedness will be what persuades anyone you are working with to give in and back your plans. A creative partnership will help you get your ideas off the ground on the 13th and 14th. Share your ideas and your willingness to take on extra responsibilities. Details will count on the 15th and 16th, so don’t leave anything to chance. Take the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure that you capture exactly what’s required. An emotional matter will surface on the 17th, if you let someone bully you. It’s up to you to make whatever adjustment is necessary to turn things around.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Work from home on the 11th and 12th and you will be able to take care of both personal and professional responsibilities. Love is in a high cycle and socializing late in the day will have its benefits. Emotional deception will be present on the 13th and 14th. Ask questions if you feel you are not being told everything you need to know. You cannot go wrong on the 15th and 16th if you network, participate in events that allow you to show your skill or make special plans with friends or your lover. A money problem will surface on the 17th if you let someone push you into spending on something you cannot afford. Impulsive actions will result in a stressful and unforgiving situation.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Get involved in any event, activity or trip on the 11th and 12th that will bring you greater knowledge. It’s the information you pick up now that will help you later on. You can make some welcomed changes at home on the 13th and 14th that will bring you popularity among your family and friends. A personal partner will offer to help you financially. You’ll be asked to rethink your plans on the 15th and 16th if you have caused someone worry due to excessive tendencies. Don’t jeopardize your health or a relationship. It’s what you do for others on the 17th that will count. Show your loyalty as well as your ability to make quick decisions that will bring about change.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Let your true feelings be known on the 11th and 12th and you will be respected for your candor. You can get what you want and put an end to a situation that is bothering you if you focus on what needs to be done. Confusion regarding directions will cost you time and money on the 13th and 14th. Make sure you have an alternate plan in place. You’ll enjoy the comfort of home on the 15th and 16th. Fix up your premises and prepare to invite company over to enjoy what you have to offer. Don’t let someone’s inconsistency get you down on the 17th. If you feel you are being emotionally manipulated, say so and prepare to get out and do the things you enjoy most.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You are better off listening to what everyone else has to say on the 11th and 12th before you share your thoughts. Getting away from your normal routine will help you gain insight into any personal problems you face. You can open your mind to all sorts of information on the 13th and 14th if you attend a seminar or conference offering you knowledge that will come in handy when dealing with finances. You won’t have to go far from home on the 15th and 16th. Someone close by will have a wealth of information and experience to share with you. Your charm will get you a long way on the 17th. Talk followed by actions will seal any deal you have pending.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Give and get on the 11th and 12th and you will form close alliances with people who have a lot to offer. Investing in your own abilities will pay off. An emotional matter can be taken care of easily on the 13th and 14th if you put time aside to be with the person involved in your dilemma. Showing the way you feel will make a difference. Use your insight, know-how and persistence to get a deal you are working on signed, sealed and delivered on the 15th and 16th. You can secure your future and make some money on the side. An emotional matter may be brought to the surface on the 17th. Do your best not to reveal information that might incriminate you or someone you love.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You’ll find it hard on the 11th and 12th to deal with your personal and professional obligations at the same time. Doubting your ability or what you can do will not set a good example for the people counting on you. Make some alterations at home on the 13th and 14th that will allow you to open your doors to group meetings or commit to volunteering for something you believe in. Don’t take your frustrations out on the ones you love on the 15th and 16th. You have to have patience when dealing with anyone who is pushy or procrastinating. Get involved in something you feel strongly about on the 17th and you will be given the chance to show your skills.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Participate in a physically challenging activity on the 11th and 12th and you will avoid talks that can cause emotional confusion and depression. The chance to show or talk about one of your creative projects as a profitable commodity will occur if you attend a networking function or you set a meeting up with someone in your industry on the 13th and 14th. You will get into trouble on the 15th and 16th if you keep changing your mind because of inconsistency in your personal life. Don’t let an emotional situation make you look incapable. Talk from the heart on the 17th and you will make progress. Once you clear the air, you can get on with your life and your personal goals.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Put a little time, effort and money into your living quarters on the 11th and 12th or make a residential move that will give you more space or a better location. You’ll have to watch your back on the 13th and 14th. Someone will be looking for a fight or trying to ruin your reputation. Don’t divulge personal information that might be used against you. A restrictive situation can be avoided on the 15th and 16th if you stick to the truth and take care of all your responsibilities. Finish one relationship before you start another. A gift of appreciation or a few nice words given to someone who can help your situation on the 17th will make a difference to the outcome.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You are on the right track on the 11th and 12th and should be able to turn anything you work on into a prosperous venture. A partnership can be formed with someone who understands and agrees with your way of thinking. Love and romance are in the stars on the 13th and 14th. Make long-range plans to do something to celebrate your relationship and your future together. Someone may try to bully you emotionally in order to get something from you financially on the 15th and 16th. Don’t give in to an ultimatum. Questioning someone you have trusted in the past will help you realize where you stand on the 17th and help you understand what you must do next.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Your entertaining, innovative, imaginative mind will work wonders for you on the 11th and 12th when trying to persuade someone to spend time with you. A partnership can be started or an old relationship renewed. Offer your time, energy and skills to any group that can put your services to good use on the 13th and 14th. Your enthusiasm and dedication to a cause will bring you greater respect and popularity. Making a couple of changes to your surroundings on the 15th and 16th will enable you to accommodate someone who needs your help. A plan you come up with on the 17th will be worth developing. Money is heading in your direction from an unusual source.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Don’t let your indecisiveness hold you back on the 11th and 12th. You have to be willing to make a move if you want things to happen. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to change your life personally and professionally. Ask questions on the 13th and 14th if there is something being presented that isn’t clear. Look at the fine print and make sure you get everything you want in writing. Don’t show emotion on the 15th and 16th if someone tries to push you into something you don’t want to do. Simply take a pass and move on, leaving no room for harassment. Look at all your options on the 17th. Dealing with institutions that can help you resolve a problem will end in your favour.


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