Hollywood – Evan Ross increases the intensity


We got our first glimpse of him on the silver screen in 2006 in the cult flick, ATL, opposite rappers T.I. and Big Boi. Then he appeared on the little screen as a troubled teen in HBO’s ‘Life Support’ with Queen Latifah.

He brought in 2007 with a convincing portrayal of a stuttering, underrated ghetto teen swimmer in Pride opposite Terrence Howard and the late, great Bernie Mac. His most recent work includes Brooklyn to Manhattan, which was directed by Jessy Terrero and Gardens of the Night, starring opposite John Malkovich and Tom Arnold. Other upcoming projects include director Tony Kaye’s Black Water Transit opposite Laurence Fishburne and a role in Linewatch opposite Cuba Gooding Jr.

We are talking about young actor, Evan Ross, who is beginning to blaze a noteworthy path in his career that will surely land him on the list of the all time greats in the future. Ross’ talent is for real and increases with every new role, which is making believers out of many in the biz and translating to a growing box office fan base.

In his latest film, Life is Hot in Cracktown, Ross plays his darkest character yet — a hardened gang banger named Romeo who is upset over the murder of his younger brother and feels partially responsible for not being there when he was shot. As a result, he carries a chip on his shoulders and terrorizes anyone who crosses his path. Ross’ intensity portraying this role is downright scary and may even shock some of his fans.

When asked what his impression of the script was when he first read it, he says: “When I first got this script, I couldn’t believe that it was a script, I mean it was just so dark. Even my agents were like ‘aaaa!’ It’s a great script, but, wow. But I loved it. It sounded so interesting. Kerry Washington had already been attached to the project and I’m a fan of hers. I think she’s amazing and she’s a friend.

“Then I got the novel that Buddy had written, Life is Hot in Cracktown, and I loved the whole story and there was a no-happy-endings type thing to it. There was a reality thing to it that I was just really interested in. I was just excited to do it. I didn’t know how I was going to get prepared. I’d never seen anything like it so I was just excited to have a chance to kind of figure it out. And play with it a little bit.”

Ross did elaborate about the essence of Romeo’s personality saying, “I don’t think you have to agree with the character. I don’t agree with any of the things he did throughout the film. Like him as a person, no, I don’t like him as a person at all!”

Ross also expressed concern about his mom (Diana Ross, yes, that Diana Ross) seeing the film. He states emphatically that he would like her to see all of his films but he also cautions: “I would love her to see this but I know my mom. It worries me just the way the film starts. I had Tracy (his older sister) see it and she said, ‘just don’t let mom see it.'”

In the near future, it is a sure bet that Ross will have roles in a lot of films that his family will be eager to see.

Photos by Andre’ B. Murray/ Bern Agency/bernagcy@pacbell.net

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