Maximize Your Health: A free workshop

Many Canadians live with one or more chronic conditions. Although these conditions may be different, often the frustrations, challenges and concerns are the same. Having a long-lasting health condition can impact a person’s physical, mental and emotional health and can compromise a person’s ability to carry on with daily routines, participate in activities or engage in satisfying relationships. The good news is that patients with one or more chronic conditions can maximize their health by learning positive self-management skills.

The Maximize Your Health program is led by trained clinicians and community volunteers and is based on self-management principles developed by Stanford University. Workshop participants learn about setting achievable goals, overcoming barriers, thinking positively, general nutrition, communication with healthcare professionals and managing symptoms. Participants meet for six weeks, once a week for 2.5 hours and also receive a resource book to use at home.

This program is for people who live with a lifelong health condition like diabetes, lung or heart disease, mental health diagnosis, arthritis or any other condition. Spouses and caregivers are also welcome.

“The workshop helped me realize that I am not alone – that there are so many others in the same situation with similar issues,” notes a program graduate. “By the end of the workshop I felt I had developed the coping skills I needed, and I was able to make positive changes in my life.”

The FREE programs will be held in the following locations:

Mississauga – Heartland: Oct 17 – Nov 28; Oakville – Oakpark: Oct 20 – Nov 24; Mississauga – Dundas & Mavis: Oct 25 – Nov 29 and Mississauga – Glen Erin: Nov 2 – Dec 7.

For more information about dates and times or to register for a program, please call (905) 338-4432 ext 4871 or 1-888-670-6636 ext 4871or email to register.

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