Shakespeare’s Macbeth with a Jamaican flair

We believe William Shakespeare would have been pleased that one of his most notable plays was being produced with a Jamaican slant to it. We also believe that he would have hastened to the Jamaican Canadian Association centre this weekend, on Sunday, September 5, to see for himself, to view and enjoy, this adaptation of his classic Macbeth.

“General Macbeth: Castle Pon De Sand” written by Nicole White and directed by theatre veteran Luther Hansraj, features award winning actress Terri Salmon as Lady Macbeth and John Phillips as Macbeth. Other members of the talented cast drawn mostly from across the Caribbean are Yvette Martin, Judy British, David Smith, Donald Carr, Oraldeen Brown, Sharon Campbell, Sumeet Khera, Kevin Sinclair and Damian Andre.

The play is an engaging contemporary treatment of this Shakespeare classic, set in Jamaica. The inner dynamics of greed and envy within the army – foul is fair and fair is foul – provides all the makings of an exciting play with tragedy and levity.

Part proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Sickle Cell Miracle Network – a non-profit organization with the dream of a Sickle Cell Disease-free society.

For more information or tickets, visit or call 647-348-4311 or 416-843-1170.

General Macbeth: Castle Pon De Sand is produced by Rinkah Entertainment and Gloria Surage of People’s Performing Arts Centre.

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