New date for Luciano performance at Kool Haus

Jamaican reggae superstar Luciano’s performance at the “Caribbean Reggae Fest-Return of the Messenger” show at Kool Haus on Saturday, August 28, has been postponed due to the late issuance of his visa. The show has been rescheduled for October.

Luciano is on a world tour promoting his new album, United States of Africa. Consisting of 15 songs, the album addresses topical issues positivity, and Luciano’s trademark, spirituality.

“Well, I consider myself to be the same positive, rootical singer, but I’m also willing to experiment more today,” said Luciano on the content of his music. “I’m not one minded or one track minded, and I believe it’s all good and well when you can listen and learn from others. Out of the universal understanding of life, the vision will come sometimes not only from my own vision, but from those who believe in you as well.”

The outspoken singer has strong opinions on the international growth of reggae music.

“I think there’s been a lot of confusion going on in the music. It’s like there’s a big tree growing but another small tree springing up beside the tree. I can’t stand for one tree starving another. If you’re not careful, the roots of the tree can be oversighted or overcrowded by this variation of dance and in lot of uptempo beats. People have been more into the dance in the music rather than the message.

“Dancehall is one limb from the tree that has grown out of proportion, I think. I see it also in the younger generation for them to have something with the uptempo, but it’s the message. Reggae music started out from the struggle of a people, and it’s a cry of the people coming out in the song’s message…people singing about their suffering and looking out towards the motherland,” said Luciano.

Luciano, together with Mikey General, will perform on Saturday, October 2 at Kool Haus, located at 132 Queens Quay East.

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