Kay Morris wins inaugural gospel calypso crown


She claims she penned the lyrics for the song, “God is in Control: Satan’s Time Has Expired”, 10 years ago during a difficult period in her life.

Last Saturday night, Kay Morris was rewarded for the creation with the Kingdom of Light Gospel calypso crown at the inaugural finals at Faith Assemblies Mission in Rexdale. She was one of six finalists.

Trinidad-born Jimmy Lalla, who survived a stroke in 2006 and a massive heart attack three years ago, and Soul J were the first and second runners-up respectively. The other finalists were L.G. Morgan, Rokisha Lewis and Joy Creed.

A total of 13 contestants took part in the competition that was the brainchild of Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre pastor Dr. Robert Springett.

“I wanted to create an outlet for those people who write gospel lyrics to express themselves in a calypso art form,” said Springett. “I love calypso music. You don’t have to be a Christian or a regular church-goer to be part of this. All we ask it that your calypsos have a gospel slant.”

Springett said the competition will be annual and he will take it outside Canada to St. Kitts, the land of his birth, on June 21. He lived in St. Maarten for a few years before moving to Canada.

“This is an open door concept without borders or boundaries,” he added. “You can come in once your lyrics have a religious twist. That’s all we ask.”

Part of Morris’ first prize includes a trip to St. Kitts next month.


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