Treat in store for Bashment Granny fans

If you saw Bashment Granny 1, you’re familiar with the story of Trevor and Mr. Bashment, who teamed up to con one of Trevor’s many women into giving them $12 million for Trevor’s sick grandmother. Audiences are likely to double over with laughter as they watch Half-a-Dog, the true owner of the money, on his quest to retrieve it in the sequel to the 2006 hit stage production, Bashment Granny 2.

Bashment Granny 2 will be in the GTA on Saturday, July 4 and Sunday, July 5 with showtimes of 5 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Presented by 2-Lined Music Hut, in association with Black Koncepts Inc., this ‘belly full ah laugh’ comedy offers a few additional subplots, with the development of Mr. Bertram running from his wife, Gloria, as she tries to serve him divorce papers.

The Bashment Granny series has taken off so well, that actor Junior Williams says the theatrical production has elevated the entire cast to somewhat of a “rock star” status as they often receive requests for autographs and photographs.

“This is just a wonderful role,” says Junior Williams, of the role, Half-a-Dog. “The opportunity to act with Shebada, and the entire cast of Bashment Granny 2 is a dream.”

Even though the Bashment Granny cast has already traveled to various cities internationally, Toronto holds a special place in the hearts of the actors.

“We are most looking forward to Toronto. We love the people, and we love the energy they give us – that is our favourite foreign stage to be on,” added Williams.

Bashment Granny 2 was written by Garfield Reid, and directed by Michael Nicholson and stars Keith Ramsey as Shebada, Junior Williams as Half-a-Dog, Maxwell Grant as Mr. Bashment, Abigail Grant as Barbalita, Volier Johnson as Bertram and Deon Silvera as Gloria.

Tickets are available at various outlets across the GTA, or by calling 416 264 3999.

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