Toronto gets more of ‘Mi Get Mi Landed’ – Ottawa too!

Toronto can’t seem to get enough of Devon Haughton’s Mi Get Mi Landed.

The hilarious and thought-provoking Jamaican comedy is coming back to the Jamaican Canadian Centre – by popular demand – on Monday May 18. Showtime is 6:00 p.m.

Mi Get Mi Landed has captivated and thrilled thousands of patrons in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Oshawa and Hamilton and is booked to play Ottawa on May 16 – one performance only – at the Bronson Centre Theatre, 211 Bronson Avenue, before returning to Toronto for its May 18 date.

The stellar cast – Terri Salmon, Judy Cox, David Smith, Canute Lawrence, John Phillips, Sharon Campbell, Damian Brown, and Alma James – has received tremendous praise and respect from patrons, journalists, investors and movie makers. The words of some patrons project the general feelings of all who have seen this play.

“I have only one word to describe Mi Get Mi Landed, and that is FABULOUS!! Devon really outdid himself this time around. Each time he comes out with a play it tops the previous. It was also good casting. All the performers were absolutely wonderful, and as always, it was a pleasure seeing Terri, Judy and David again.”

“Keep up the good work Devon! I can’t wait for your next production. You have certainly carved out your niche as a brilliant playwright in good old Toronto.”

“I highly recommend this play for anyone who hasn’t seen it as yet. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. I went to the first show last Saturday, and it was jam packed. They didn’t have enough chairs for the amount of people that showed up, so get your ticket now, if you haven’t already done so!”

One patron wrote: “Thumbs up for Mi Get Mi Landed…Bwoy what a twist…It was worth every penny…and the after party had a nice vibe…it was nice to see the mature clientele for a change…Well done.”

And this from another: “We had a wonderful time watching Mi Get Mi Landed; it was very funny and educational…. (Terri) was wonderful as always. We got a chance to meet her and she was very friendly and warm…… the play was the best.”

The Jamaican Canadian Centre is located at 995 Arrow Rd., Toronto Tickets are $25 each when purchased online at, $30 in advance and $35 at the door

For more info, call: 416-631-2324.

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