Work commences at future geothermal plant site

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis: Work has commenced at the site for the construction of a plant that will produce geothermal energy that officials believe will revolutionize the economy of Nevis, and assurances are being given that the environment and neighbouring properties will not be harmed.

Carlisle Powell, the minister responsible for Renewable Energy and Public Utilities on St. Kitts’ sister isle, has welcomed the latest development.

“For us as a government here in Nevis, we are extremely delighted to have arrived at this point in time because it sets out a clear signal and a clear marker to not only persons in Nevis and St. Kitts but other persons who have been paying attention worldwide, but more particularly to those persons in the Virgin Islands and in Puerto Rico who have been monitoring what we are doing here in Nevis and waiting with some expectations,” said Powell.

“So we can now say finally that work has started to clear the site and after site clearing we have every, every positive anticipation that work will progress smoothly and now we can start looking forward to the point when we will be physically able to build the plant and move forward from there to the supply of energy.”

Powell, who is also responsible for Physical Planning on the Nevis Island Administration, said that the Geothermal Development Company had produced a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment for the site.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry responsible for Renewable Energy, Public Utilities and Physical Planning, Ernie Stapleton, gave more details about what would happen after the site is cleared.

“The geotechnical work will be done, that is soil testing, etc. and even drilling a borehole,” said Stapleton. “There are quite a number of activities that would lead up to the actual construction of the site, the geothermal pad and preparation for arrival of the drill rig in the next month or two in September.”

Geothermal Commissioner in the Nevis Island Administration, Pearlivan Wilkin, assured that he would make sure the environment is protected.

“I am also ensuring that people who live around the properties are not damaged or affected in any adverse way with this phase,” he said.

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